Thursday, April 18

Yardstick Training Launches Cannabis Course with CannAmm

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Jenson Quon   
Danatec Educational Services Ltd.

Bill Duncan   
CannAmm Occupational Testing Services

The leaders in online occupational health and safety training with the leader in occupational testing come together to create a cannabis workplace training course that addresses legalized cannabis in the workplace

Calgary, Alberta: Cannabis legalization is around the corner and companies need to be prepared in order to keep employees safe. Danatec by Yardstick Training and CannAmm Occupational Testing Services are proud to launch an employee and employer-specific courses for legalized cannabis in the workplace.

The two specialized courses dedicated to Cannabis Workplace Safety for employees and employers will have different learning objectives suited to the target audience. The employee course will enable learners to understand cannabis and its effects, the employee’s duty to be fit for work and scenarios and examples of cannabis consumption with consequences in the workplace.

The employer course will be focused on risk management and impairment management, being able to differentiate between effective and ineffective approaches to employees consumption of cannabis and assess employers safety programs regarding cannabis and best practices.

“Cannabis is a reality that workplaces need to come to terms with,” said Trevor Gartner, President of Yardstick Training. “Danatec will also be launching a branded site specifically for cannabis training, Cannabis Training Academy. We want to be the first choice that comes to mind for employers for mitigating their risks with cannabis in the workplace. For employees, we want to give them the information that they need to know their rights and responsibilities in relation to cannabis.”

A recent survey conducted by the Angus Reid Institute showed that 49% of individuals are ready for cannabis legalization in their province, while the other 51% are unprepared and also not sure if their local law enforcement is ready for the change. With such a major change that will impact many existing workplace drug and alcohol policies, knowledge is vital in order to be prepared. This is especially true in Alberta with Bill 30 where workplaces have a responsibility to train and keep their employees apprised of their rights and responsibilities.

“Attitudes towards cannabis are changing,” said Peter Deines, Interim CEO with CannAmm. “These attitudes are comprised of both fact and myth. Understanding the facts is essential to a safe work environment. The cannabis safety training courses present facts in a meaningful way. A way that will help employers work with employees to ensure everyone arrives home safely.”

The Cannabis Workplace Safety course will greatly aid in amending policies for employers about drugs and alcohol in the workplace for employees. Employers will be required to take both the employee and employer course so that they understand the full scope of rights and responsibilities regarding cannabis in the workplace. Employees will also benefit from understanding how cannabis can affect them in the workplace and their rights with cannabis usage on the job site. Designed with clear language and engaging scenarios, the Cannabis Workplace Safety course should be every employer’s choice for training its managerial staff, human resources department and the employees within the company.

Course Features: 

  • Cannabis effects related to impairment
  • Risk management in safety-sensitive industries
  • Employer and employee duties around accommodation and work fitness
  • Federal, provincial and municipal legislative differences regarding the consumption of cannabis
  • Impairment management and risk management
  • Safely adapting to the legalization of cannabis
  • Common deficits in safety programs regarding cannabis

About Danatec by Yardstick Training: Danatec is a world-leading provider of occupational health and safety training and education. From award-winning materials that are easily customizable, to personalized consulting services and training programs tailored to diverse needs, Danatec has everything needed to keep your organization safe and compliant.

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About CannAmm Occupational Testing Services: Employers in Canada have made CannAmm the country’s most trusted source for occupational testing services. This is accomplished by consistently providing everything companies need to build a comprehensive occupational testing program that meets regulatory requirements and, most importantly, make their workplaces even safer.

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